The Village

"Life assurance for minorities."


Village Crowdfunding

Our clients have access to funding for home and land purchases, business developments, and academics.  This service is available for all active plan holders and does not have to be paid back. All monies accumulated through The Village Crowdfunding program is funded by other TV clients to encourage the continuous circulation of village dollars internally.  Clients are eligible for crowd funds upon enrollment, and can request a payout after a proven history of paid service fees.

Entrepreneurial and Leadership Development Program

We want to ensure that all Villagers are equipped with the proper methodology, etiquette, and information required to be effective entrepreneurs and leaders.  This program is an ongoing master class for all pre-teens, teens, and adults of The Village.  Our intention is to build a community of leaders and self sustainable entrepreneurs who can pay the knowledge forward to all future generations of The Village. 

Corporate Discounts

The Village has partnered with many businesses that has agreed to offer our clients special pricing on their goods and services.  Clients can begin taking advantage of this service upon enrollment. Corporate categories include (but are not limited to): Retail, Automotive, Recreational, Dining, and Healthcare. 




Our mission at The Village is to provide minority parents and guardians with an overall support system, to advocate a journey towards self-love, to mold our children into productive beings, and to increase community involvement for the family unit.


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“I found it hard to get funding from an investor because I didn't fit the description of what an entrepreneur should look like. The crowdfunding of TV solved that problem for me through its crowdfunding".

—  Jonathan Murray, Entrepreneur